No More Shall We Part

25mins (2011)

Dir: Shaun Hughes

Prods: Duncan Leishman, Joseph Atkinson & Bianca Herold

Factotum Films

Re-recording Mixer

Canada, 1840s. A small cottage sits alone in the mountains, dwarfed by the surrounding landscape. Its inhabitants, a humble married couple who have been driven from their home country of Scotland during the Highland Clearances, have fallen on desperate times.

Driven to the edge and in isolation, Henry, a man with an unshakeable devotion to his wife and God, struggles to maintain normalcy in the face of sheer desperation, until an unexpected arrival threatens to shatter his world completely.

No More Shall We Part examines the lengths that we will go to in order to preserve the love of another in the face of adversity, weaving a beautiful, brooding tale of one man’s struggle against the wilderness and his own psyche.