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24mins (2014)

Dirs: Tobias Ross-Southall and Alex Warren

Re-recording Mixer

(custom designed installation)

The Cob Gallery is delighted to present Eleanor, a cinematic installation directed by Alex Warren and Tobias Ross-Southall. The installation follows three solitary women over the course of one eventful night, and examines what it means to be alone in a city like London. BAFTA nominated actress Ruth Wilson plays all three women.

Eleanor unfolds across three large interplaying screens, with one screen apportioned to each character. As the night progresses and the three narratives cross, characters move between the screens, stepping from one to the next, creating a real-time immersive experience.

Warren and Ross-Southall drew inspiration for the characters within Eleanor from three different poems: If I Could Tell You by W.H.Auden, Acquainted With The Night by Robert Frost, and The Faithless Wife by Leonard Cohen.

They approached three of the country’s finest young writers – Polly Stenham, Michael Lesslie and Anya Reiss - to interpret the three original source poems from which the characters had been conceived.